Visual Basic for Windows Phone Developer Tools - RTW

by Parvez 30. November 2010 16:13

Microsoft has released the RTW version of the Visual Basic add-on. This latest release enables Visual Basic Developers to create Silverlight applications for Windows Phone 7 using the final version of the Windows Phone Developer Tools.


You can download the tools from here .

System requirements to use these tools are

You can also check out some cool code samples for Windows Phone in Visual Basic.

Happy Developing :)

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Enter to win a Windows Phone 7 and 12 month Zune Pass Subscription

by Parvez 24. November 2010 14:57

I just came across the below shown promo by Microsoft, to enter the contest click on this link This promo is  open only to the residents of the 50 U.S. Districts including District of Columbia.

Microsoft Promo


As mentioned on the site, Enter between October 27 and December 1 and Tweet for a chance to win a Windows Phone 7.

So all my dear friends in the US, enter the contest for a chance to win a Windows Phone 7.

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Exploring Extended WPF Toolkit Controls

by Parvez 22. November 2010 14:03

Toolkit controls made available by Microsoft on CodePlex site is a great way of sharing controls that are still not part of the core WPF/Silverlight controls. Earlier released DataGrid, Calendar and DatePicker are now part of the Core controls in WPF.

What is Extended WPF Toolkit?

Brian Lagunas has provided Extended WPF Toolkit which includes the controls that are missing in the WPF Toolkit or that have been ported over from the Silverlight Toolkit. Initially it was released in August with a small set of controls. Now it has total 11 controls, 3 of it being released in the November.

What does the Extended Toolkit include?

This Extended Toolkit Binaries includes the following controls:

Extended WPF Toolkit Controls (Binaries)

It also includes MessageBox.



   MessageBox with Icons

  MessageBox with Icon

RichTextBox with FormatBar

  RichTextBox with FormatBar



Below controls are available as source only. You can download the project for these controls from here

  • Magnifier
  • MaskedTextBox
  • DateTimeUpDown

These Extended Toolkit controls will definitely be helpful to the WPF Developers.

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Kindle App for Windows Phone 7

by Parvez 19. November 2010 14:10

Kindle for Windows Phone 7

I have been using Amazon Kindle software for PC a lot, I like reading books online and I have always wanted an App for Windows Mobile, but it was not available. Amazon has now announced that they would soon be releasing the App for Windows Phone 7.

Kindle has more that 725,000 Kindle Books available, which would become accessible through Windows Phone 7.

Amazon’s Whispersync technology syncs your phone across devices, so you can pick up where you left off. The Integrated shopping experience allows the customers to shop without leaving the app.

You can submit your email here(This links to Amazon site) to get notification by email when the App is available for Download.


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