Disqus Integration in DotNetBlogEngine is seamless

by Parvez 16. December 2010 14:20

Disqus has grown as an wonderful solution to provide a better comment facility to your blog. DotNetBlogEngine is one of the best BlogEngines I have used. It provides you with such flexibility that you need not worry about the configurations much. It takes a couple of minutes to setup and you are ready to go to start blogging.

Blogengine’s 1.6.1 update includes the integration of Disqus into the engine comments, which enables the comment to be managed and moderated by Disqus.


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In DotNetBlogEngine, Once you have enabled  comments in your blog. Under the Moderation section in “Comments Configuration” you can decide if you want to use the DotNetBlogEngine for comments or use Disqus instead.

DotNetBlogEngine Comment Moderation

Note: You will need Disqus account to start using this facility in DotNetBlogEngine.

By selecting “Moderated by Disqus” you will get an additional section for “Disqus Settings” where you will need to provide the Disqus Website Short Name. You will get this Short name (which is the unique identity for your website) on Disqus Basic Settings page.

DotNetBlogEngine Disqus settings

In the Disqus Settings(as shown above) you can select if you want to add comments to page or just keep it on the blogpost.

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