Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update

by Parvez 1. April 2011 13:04

If your Windows phone 7 Device is in scheduling stage and you have not received the NoDo update, this article from WinRumors will definitely help you.

I followed the exact steps mentioned in the article. I started Zune software on the PC, turned off Data and Wi-Fi Connection on the phone. Connected the phone to the PC using USB, started the update search in Zune and disconnected the internet connection on PC, Zune detected the February 2011 update and installed it in ~10 minutes.

To receive the NoDo update (Copy Paste update), I tried the following steps and it worked. Instead of turning Data Connection and Wi-Fi Connection off on Phone, I turned on the Airplane mode and followed the rest of the steps as mentioned in the WinRumors article and Zune found the NoDo Update.

NoDo Update

Before installing the update on the phone, Zune created a backup as shown in the image below.

Zune creating Backup

Once the backup was completed, the update installed like a charm. Now my device has the copy paste update. The whole NoDo update took ~30 minutes to install.

Please do remember, as mentioned in the article, the workaround will only work for devices that are in scheduling stage. For United States schedule check here for International schedule check here.

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