Windows Phone App for “VAIL” looks impressive

by Parvez 8. January 2011 13:02

Windows Server Code Name "Vail"Windows Home Server 2011 code named “VAIL” is a home server operating system to succeed windows Home Server (WHS). It will release sometime in 2011.

At the CES 2011, Microsoft unveiled a new WP7 add-in for “Vail.” This add-in creates a new feature called “My Server” on the Phone.

You can follow easy steps to provide the settings to this add-in. Selecting “My Server” brings the setup screen where you provide home server connection information. Click “Add an Account” to start the setup wizard. Now enter WHS’s Domain Name. Provide the username and password. At this point, you can provide the administrative access, which gives you the additional facilities.

Media ScreenSign in to see the two screens Media & Account. You can see an additional screen Alerts if you have the administrative access.

Selecting any of the option will present you with the library of content from WHS; if you select photos, you can access them from WHS on your phone. It applies to Music and Videos too.

Photo SharingThe App allows the sharing of your picture from your phone to WHS. Windows Phone creates a folder with its “phone name” called Mobile uploads within the WHS pictures folder. Inside this folder, you can view all the photos you have uploaded from your phone.

This App is definitely going to be useful to all those who are using WHS. Waiting to see more such useful apps which integrate the experience to make life of end-user better.

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