Windows Phone Developer Tools October 2010 update available

by Parvez 28. October 2010 12:22

As announced on the Windows Phone Developer Blog, October 2010 update to the Windows Phone Dev Tools is available now. Since this is an update it requires the Windows Phone Developer Tools to be installed already on your system, also the language of the update and developer tools should match.

This update includes:

1. The capability Detection tools which scans the applications and reports on detected phone capabilities which will be applied during ingestion to the marketplace.

What is Windows Capability Detection Tool?

The application submission process uses Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) code analysis to detect the phone capabilities required by the application., it also replaces the auto-generated capabilities list with the specific capabilities required for your application.

Instead of using the application submission process to detect the phone capabilities required for your application, you can use the Windows Phone Capability Detection Tool to detect and replace the auto-generated capabilities list in your project manifest file with the specific capabilities required by your application.

It is a simple command line utility which takes project output folder as the input which contains all your assemblies, or uncompressed XAP file and outputs the list of security capabilities used by your application. The rules for issuing or deleting the capabilities are captured in a file named Rules.xml which is available with the tool.

2. Windows Phone Connect Tools

It allows to establish serial or USB connectivity to the device without running the Zune software. The process of using the connect tools is simple, navigate to the folder where it is installed

<System Drive>:\<Program Files>\Microsoft SDKs\Windows Phone\v7.0\Tools\WPConnect.

Connect the windows phone to the system and let is be detected by the Zune software, now close the Zune software after the connection is established. At the command prompt type WPConnect.exe, you can now debug your application without the Zune software running.

3. Updated Bing Maps Control that improves map performance during user gestures.

Thanks to the Developer Team for this wonderful update.

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